GTHR China


On April 25th 2024 mandatory fire drills were conducted with the aim to test our plant’s safety measures, as well as our team’s readiness to respond in case of an emergency.

In cooperation with State Fire Service a fire emergency in a likely and representative form was simulated, and a full scope of emergency and evacuation measures was carried out, including fire spreading prevention and environmental harm minimalization measures.

Around 90 firefighters actively participated in the drill, including both State Fire Service and Volunteer Fire Department officers. Altogether 10 volunteer fire department teams were present, as well as 10 state fire service teams, which includes Specialized Chemical and Ecological Emergency Service ‘WROCŁAW 3’, the representatives of Wrocław Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service, as well as conciliators from the District Fire Department in Wołów and the District Fire Department in Milicz. Employees of the company Solid, who provide us with professional security services daily, were also present.

As our plant constitutes an establishment with a high risk of failure, we are obliged by law to conduct a triannual Internal Emergency Operations Plan. It is worth pointing out that internal exercises for selected likely and representative emergencies are carried out on a monthly basis in order to guarantee that our staff is always ready to respond quickly and professionally in case of an emergency. Thank you to everyone involved.