GTHR China

Code of Conduct - GTHR

The Code of Ethical Conduct is directed towards all employees of Guotai-Huarong. Its stipulations additionally encompass our customers, business partners, shareholders, and other stakeholders engaged within the sphere of Guotai-Huarong’s operations.

The inclusion of our preferred attitudes and operational methodologies in this Code signifies a deliberate choice. This document articulates our foundational beliefs concerning the cultivation of employee attitudes and the cultivation of relationships within the organization’s operational environment. We approach the declarations herein with the utmost gravity, committing to adhering steadfastly to the principles articulated therein.

Hereby, we extend the availability of this information to all our stakeholders.

The Code includes, among other things:

– Guotai-Huarong’s mission, vision and values,

– the Company’s ethical values,

– the foundations of the relationship between the Employer and Employees,

– compliance with the law,

– conduct towards stakeholders,

– occupational health and safety,

– working conditions,

– equal opportunities and professional development,

– protection of privacy,

– employee relations and relationships,

– prevention of conflicts of interest and corruption risks.