GTHR China

Anti-bribery policy - GTHR

We are committed to conducting business with integrity, transparency and ethics as a key element of our sustainable development.

Our commitments:

– we ensure integrity, transparency and ethical compliance in all areas of our business,
– we do not tolerate participation in activities that have the appearance of corruption, including collusion, soliciting personal benefits, and offering, making payments or
transferring of items of value to obtain illegal benefits,
– ensuring continuous monitoring of potential corruption risks, we strive to identify and eliminate all forms of corruption in all areas of operational areas,
– implement effective preventive procedures, including anti-corruption training for employees,
– we establish effective reporting channels, enabling employees to anonymously report potential cases of corruption without fear of reprisal,
– we oblige employees and other cooperating entities to report any violations or abuses,
– we regularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the anti-corruption policy, adapting it to the changing conditions and needs of the organization,
– we will not falsify or illegally alter information contained in documents.