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A trip to Krakow for our Chinese employees - GTHR


GTHR is a company with Chinese roots and we are always passionate about the traditions of our colleagues. On more than one occasion, we have celebrated holidays originating from China.

This time we decided to bring the history and culture of Poland closer to our employees from the Middle Kingdom. The previous weekend we organized a trip to Krakow. 

“At GTHR, we work due to international standards and procedures. Yet cultural differences might be a challenge for employees from other countries. Trips are a great opportunity to exchange experiences and integrate the international team,” says HR and Administration Director Justyna Wojtuń.

Together with our translator Adam Kobiel, our colleagues saw the Wawel Royal Castle, visited the „Wieliczka” Salt Mine and tasted both Polish and Chinese cuisine.

“The cultures of China and Poland differ on many issues – from traditions to business communication. The trip to Poland’s former capital is an opportunity to learn about Poland’s history and traditions. We believe it will allow our colleagues to better understand our culture,” says Polish-Chinese-English translator Adam Kobiela.