GTHR China


We are delighted to be able to share with you all the fun we had planting trees in celebration of the annual event that is Earth Day. The event was co-organized by us with the lovely community of the town of Żmigród, with which we teamed up this year to display our commitment to building a green future and maintaining our local ecosystem.

This year we grouped up with Żmigród Forest Inspectorate and Żmigród Area Lovers Society to organize a tree planting event by composing a team comprising both the employees of our company and members of the local community. Led by a common aim, we were able to join forces and personally contribute to the celebration by planting a number of young trees. That day proved an ideal occasion for us to actively help protect our environment, while also providing us with an opportunity to establish a bond with the local communities and organizations, which we are grateful for.

We at GTHR Poland are particularly grateful to everyone who chose to spend this day with us actively taking part in this edition of ‘Żmigrodowe Planet Love’ event, as well as all our employees who participated. Your support in those tough weather conditions was a true display of an indomitable spirit and commitment to our common goals. Each and every tree we planted will prove a great help to the condition of our planet.

We would like to express our gratitude towards the Żmigród Forest Inspectorate for passing onto us their invaluable knowledge on how to properly plant a tree. We are equally as grateful to Żmigród Area Lovers Society for their professional approach in organizing the event. This event would not be possible without your help.

We eagerly await future occasions to further better the condition of our planet and simultaneously invite everyone to join us in our future projects. Together we can create a green, better future for all of us!