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We have joined the team of Orzeł Prusice Football Academy friends! - GTHR


On 11 March 2022, our company GTHR – Guotai-Huarong (Poland) has signed a contract with MKS Orzeł Prusice Football Academy. We have decided to co-finance the sporting activities of the academy.

The funds will be used to buy clothes for players of the academy, including match day kits, training kits, and tracksuits. All these elements will incorporate our company logo. These funds will cover the purchase of necessary items, staging of sports events as well as the expenses that are necessary for the functioning of the youth teams such as costs of transit to match destinations and competitions, the maintenance of the football field (fertilizer, lawn mower gas, field line marking paint etc.).

We are delighted to participate in the sporting life of Prusice municipality, including junior sports teams. We expect this to be only the beginning of a long and successful cooperation.