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The Mid-Autumn Festival in GTHR - GTHR


The Mid-Autumn Festival is a tradition that is three thousand years old. Chinese farmers were already aware of the moon’s influence on the quality of crops. The celebration took the form of a gift-giving ceremony, and the crucial element was the tasting of mooncake. This baked product is crumbly on the outside and sweet on the inside.

– The Chinese value family and therefore attach great importance to holidays where they have the opportunity to get together with loved ones. One of them is the Mid-Autumn Festival, in Chinese Zhongqiujie 中 秋节. It is the second largest (after Chinese New Year) traditional holiday in the country,” says Aleksandra Kołaczek, head of the Polish-Chinese relations and translation department.

The tradition of worshipping the moon in autumn dates back to the Zhou Dynasty. It is about 3,000 years old. Back then, the celebration was in the form of offering gifts in gratitude for a successful harvest and asking for fertility in the future. The Chinese had already noticed the moon’s connection with farming and thus wanted to gain its favor.

– GTHR is a company with Chinese roots, and we are passionate about the traditions of our colleagues. This year we organized a symbolic celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, during which everyone could taste a cake and learn more about Chinese culture,” comments Aleksandra Kolaczek.

Mooncakes can come in big sizes. According to tradition, family members should eat one sliced cake together as it symbolizes reunion. It is also a nice gesture to give this sweet treat to a superior or business partner.