GTHR China

What kind of impact will the production facility have on the residents’ health?

We pay a lot of attention to production at every stage. The facility’s manufacturing operation is strictly compliant with the European, Polish, and local regulations. It won’t have any impact on the residents’ health.

How many people will find jobs at the facility?

At first, 60 employees will be hired, while the assumed target workforce amounts to about 100 people.

What kind of employees are we going to seek?

We’re going to seek employees with experience of work at large production enterprises operating in the chemicals sector. The newly hired people will undergo relevant training to become prepared for work in their positions. Being able to communicate in English will be considered an asset. Detailed information with respect to particular positions is provided in the CAREER tab.

Will there be training or do candidates have to have relevant experience?

The newly hired employees will need training. We’ll organise it for our employees to teach them to perform their duties.

When will the construction of the new facility start? How long will it take?

We’re planning to start the construction works in late 2018 or early 2019 and expect to have the construction works completed in early 2020.

What is the date of the official production launch?

We’re going to start the manufacturing operation at the beginning of 2020.

What exactly is the facility going to produce? What is the production output planned?

We’re going to produce electrolyte for lithium batteries. The total annual output will make it possible to supply battery inserts for up to 1,000,000 electric cars.

What are the region’s benefits of the production facility development?

The development of the production facility in Godzikowice area will support the local industry from the very beginning. The operation of the lithium inserts for electric car batteries will supply raw materials which will be used by European and global enterprises producing batteries for electric cars. The facility’s location will complement the European and regional network of the electric car industry. At the same time, it will strengthen the local market and make it more competitive and complete. A production facility this big will substantially impact the growth of the local economy through the influx of tax money to the administrative district’s budget and a wide employment offering for the residents of the area.

Does the facility owner have production plants in other parts of the world?

We have an electrolyte production facility in Jiangsu, China. Currently, we’re also developing another electrolyte production facility in the Fujian region.

Will the owner cooperate with local universities or other partners?

It’s part of our plan. In the future, we’re going to contact with local universities to find out about the opportunities for cooperation and research.

Will the production facility be self-reliant or will it import components from other suppliers?

Most raw materials for our products will be imported from China. However, some suppliers of raw materials are interested in our operation in Poland to invest in the production of specific raw materials in the future. Perhaps other production facilities will follow our footsteps and invest in Poland.

What amounts will be invested in the production facility?

The total investment outlay will be about $45 million.

Which battery producers will our inserts be supplied to?

We’re going to start our operation with supplying inserts to LG Polska.