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We are extremely happy that three scientists received the Nobel Prize in chemistry: Stanley Whittingham, John Goodenough and Akira Yoshino for creating lithium-ion batteries.

The 1970s – Stanley Whittingham studies superconductors and discovers energy-rich material that produces a powerful and significant “drive” releasing electrons.
1980 – John Goodenough shows that cobalt oxide along with lithium ions are able to produce twice as much power.
1985 – Akira Yoshino creates the first lithium-ion battery.

The development of technology has allowed the creation of energy without fossil fuels. Many years of research, analysis, and involvement of many people have led to the creation of lithium-ion batteries. Undoubtedly, such an invention revolutionized our lives – it enabled us to develop telecommunications, motorization and, above all, storage of a valuable source of solar and wind energy. A leap towards the future of many fields, including the automotive industry and improving our quality of life and the environment, has been awarded an extremely valuable award. All the more valuable and for our factory, where we can continue research and produce the highest quality lithium-ion battery cartridges.